The shop will be closed until Sunday, April 5th.
If you have an order to pick up, or you would like to purchase a specific piece that is in stock, door step pick-up can be arranged.
Please send an email to:

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I’ll get back to you for credit card info and order details.
Shipping is still available at this point.

Hand Made – High Fired – Stoneware
Since 1981

Heading into our fifth decade, I remain committed to the rigors of truly handmade stoneware pottery. Every piece is still made by myself without the aid of any extensive machinery or molds, just a potters wheel and a few simple hand tools. This is what gives the work its unique character that can’t be duplicated.

Our stoneware is high-fired to 2350 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a durable, vitreous clay body intended for daily use. I make all of my own glazes and they are completely free of any type of toxin. All of our stoneware is:


The work is not recommended for stove-top, broiler, or freezer.
*The key to successful oven use is even heating and cooling, side to side and top to bottom. Avoid extreme temperature differences.