Items / Prices

Use the links to the right, [or at the bottom, if viewing page on a smaller screen], to see specific items and current prices.

If you would like to place an order you can do so by sending an e-mail or preferably giving me a call during shop hours. Your order should include this information: the item or items, the corresponding color/style names and a way that I can contact you (phone number or e-mail). I’ll contact you for your shipping and credit card information.

If the pieces you want are in stock they can be shipped in a day or two. If the pieces are not in stock it could take several weeks or more to fill your order, please give yourself ample time.

There is currently no charge for packing, but shipping charges are passed on in full.

Keep in mind that all the work is hand-made one piece at a time. You should expect some slight variation in size and shape.